Mae gwaith adeiladu tai yn tyfu

Mae gwaith adeiladu tai yn tyfu

Mae gwaith adeiladu tai yn tyfu

House building is growing
600,000 people worked in housebuilding in 2015 that adds up to 18% of the entire construction, or 1 in 5 workers. 4.3 jobs for every home build. Each year that’s 3,700 apprentices, 400 graduates, 500 other trainees contributing to the UK economy. This accounted for £19.2bn worth of economic output, £3.1bn new affordable housing build last year, £3.8bn spent in local shops and services by residents of new homes. 38% of new homes build in the UK are affordable. Contributing to the community, £576m spend on infrastructure, including £225m on new and improved schools, £131m invested in open space, community, sport and leisure facilities, 80% of construction waste recycled, £6.5m trees and shrubs planted or retained.

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